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Advance loan calculating software to cater for the requirements of finance brokers and loan managers.
Calculate simple and complex payment structures including the seasonal payments, non standard structures, and solve backwards functionality.
ProfLoan uses the same advanced algorithms as used in the original and widely used DOS based ProfLoan calculator. Now in Windows format and including various printable reports, ProfLoan is available for your business or personal use.
GSO Care Aged Care Software System
has been developed by a small dedicated team of IT and aged care professionals, with close to 100 years cumulative experience.  GSO Care Aged Care Software System has been developed from a new, fresh perspective, to avoid perpetuating inadequacies of some current systems.

GSO Care - The Event Driven Aged Care Software System For Aged Care Providers has been developed in colaboration with
Guarde Software Pty Ltd


Guarde Glass

Finance Brokers Information Management System

Specialised software to cater for the requirements of finance brokers tailored to the needs of brokers and designed to delivery results.
Customisable security settings keep control of sensitive information and allows you to set the limits of information access.
The FBIMS comes with the added advantage and security of around the clock customer support services. Support agreements can be tailored to suit your business operations.
The FBIMS is a total finance broking package providing a magnitude of tools for the finance broking industry. In use by dozens of finance brokers across Australia with a wide spectrum of business volumes, the FBIMS is sure to fulfill your needs as a productive business tool.
The FBIMS is not simply a repayment calculator. In addition to the strength of the FBIMS calculator is a complete information management tool. The FBIMS manages information for a wide variety of entity types which are commonly dealt with in a broking business for example, investors, accountants, solicitors, introducers, financiers, etc. Each entity type can be managed and a history with that entity recorded.
Quoting figures to your clients quickly and accurately is an obvious necessity for your company. FBIMS has 'on the fly quoting' allowing you to calculate a prospective client's commitments without the need to establish them as a prospect. If there is then a need, that quote can be saved when the prospective client's details are entered.
One of the key strengths of the FBIMS is the loan calculator. Building on the highly successful ProfLoan calculator which is owned by Guarde Software, FBIMS' calculator's ability to handle complex repayment arrangements must be seen to be believed. Interest only, structured repayments, staggered payments, balloons and complex structures are all easily handled by the calculator.

Accounting and production for glass merchants

Affordable and Reliable - Experience the advantages of 23 years of experience in delivering cost effective tools to the glass industry, supporting small to large operations.
Improve your glass business in both the factory and the office. A complete operational solution to data management from quoting to delivery.
Now enjoy the advantage and security of around the clock customer support services. Support agreements to suit your business operations.
Flat glass businesses have unique requirements and as such require specific flat glass processing software. Since 1988 Guarde Software has supplied, supported and continually developed flat glass software for a continually evolving industry.
The range of glass software packages by Guarde Software have been created and designed to suit the wide ranging requirements of small/medium business as well as large corporations. All of the packages are designed to mission critical enterprise standards.
An expanding list of product features can be found here.
Both Guarde for Glass and Guarde for Glaziers software have been created with a modular design. Some core modules include Order Entry, Stock and Accounts Receivable.
Key enhancements available to Guarde for Glass users include extended production management beyond what was previously available in glass software. Included features in the latest flat glass software by Guarde Software are production management for I.G.U.s and production streaming to improve management of multiple processing sites.
Extending the power for the Guarde for Glass software online gives you new tools to bring order and account information to your customers in a time and cost efficient fashion.
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